About This Webinar
In recent years new energy vehicles (NEVs), with their promise of reducing pollution and conserving our energy reserves, have raced into the mainstream.

Not only has E-mobility changed the source of energy for propulsion but it has also stimulated the automotive industry to introduce new materials with the focus on reducing vehicle weight and thereby enhancing fuel and energy efficiency. In order to fulfil such new demands several key areas for future cars will need modifying, such as; increased corrosion protection performance, new friction and heat loosening requirements for fasteners as well as new specifications for multiple mounting.

To achieve these changes a major part of the automotive architecture needs to be redesigned, creating opportunities throughout the supply chain.

This webinar will give you an overview of various changes expected in automotive design and will focus on some of the changes and opportunities for the plating industry.
Webinar ID
  • Overview of the NEV market worldwide
  • Surface finishing trends, challenges and opportunities
  • Impacts on corrosion protection requirements
  • New coefficient of friction requirements
  • Contact corrosion protection and requirements for CFRP, aluminum and magnesium substrates
Dr. Matthias Hoch
Global Business Development Manager and Special Projects
Dr. Matthias Hoch, who holds a PhD in Chemistry, has more than 25 years industry experience. In 2011 he joined the Atotech corrosion protection team as Global Business Development Manager & Special Projects focusing on worldwide customer and business partner projects. Dr. Hoch's extensive experience ranges from in-depth market knowledge, product, key account and project management to business development.