Palladium-Nickel (Pd/Ni) layers have been a valid alternative to Gold layers for almost 40 years. In the world of connectors, Pd/Ni has been known as a highly reliable and economical solution. However, in recent years the precious metal market has become increasingly volatile and the Palladium price has surpassed the Gold price for more than 2 years now.

In this webinar, we will show why Palladium-Nickel is still cost-effective compared to its alternative. Further, we will introduce our Pallacor HSN Plus process which allows operation at lower palladium concentrations while showing increased process stability. Other benefits of Pallacor HSN Plus will be shown by performance data we obtained through production line experience as well as extensive in-house tests.
  • Background & price history.
  • Benefits of Pd/Ni.
  • Performance of Pallacor HSN Plus.
  • Comparison: make up & running cost.
  • Drag out study.
  • Q&A session.
Application Engineer Leadframe and Connector

Joined the company in 2019 as an application engineer with the main focus on connectors where he has been working extensively with customers to implement solutions that cut precious metal usage while maintaining reliability and performance.

Mario graduated from University of Applied Sciences in Aalen, Germany and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Surface Technology and Materials Engineering.