For decorative chrome plating there are various test methods used during production to measure corrosion behavior. For hexavalent chromium coatings specific tests were developed such as the copper sulfate test and checking active sites after CASS testing. However, these tests have occasionally been seen to show limited compatibility with trivalent chromium coatings.

As a pioneer in the field of trivalent chromium coatings with its renowned TriChrome® family, Atotech has developed a new test method specifically designed to provide reliable test results for trivalent chromium applications - the Fechner test. This test has been included in DIN 53100:2020.

In this webinar, the developer of the Fechner test, Dr. Mabya Fechner, will provide insights into corrosion protection provided by microporous systems for exterior automotive applications and will present the Fechner test and its application in detail, complemented by questions and answers on its use.

Contents of the webinar:

1. Corrosion resistance: Microporous systems for automotive exterior application

2. Micropore density: Definition and test methods
- Fechner test: Method description in standards and literature
- Practical execution of the test

3. Determining the micropore density
- Methods, mechanisms and measuring principle
- Evaluation with light microscope
Senior Scientist Analytics and Materials Science Worldwide
Dr. Mabya Fechner, Senior Scientist Analytics and Materials Science Worldwide, is a specialist for method development and training. With over 10 years of experience at Atotech, she has extensive knowledge in digital image analysis and established standardized processes to document existing methods. She is the developer of the Fechner test, a relevant test method for nickel-chrome surfaces for automotive exterior applications.