Inkjet printing as a method for applying soldermask to printed circuit boards is becoming increasingly attractive due to its superiority in saving space, energy, and consumables. Atotech, as a leader in surface treatment technology, offers all pretreatment processes required for high quality soldermask inkjet printing.

The CupraEtch SR 8000 adhesion pretreatment ensures a permanent and virtually indestructible bond between soldermask and PCB, while the InkPromotor T15 anti-bleeding agent prevents ink smearing and ensures a sharp, high-resolution print image. Both processes are perfectly matched and form a symbiotic foundation to enable inkjet soldermask printing to become the new benchmark in the industry.
  • Why should solder resist be printed?
  • Necessary surface conditions.
  • CupraEtch SR 8000
  • InkPromotor T15
  • Q&A session
Global Product Manager Surface Treatment Technology

Holds an MBA comparable master's degree in entrepreneurial economics and management. He gained professional experience in process and quality management, project controlling and finally as an innovation consultant in various industries before taking the position of Global Product Manager STT at Atotech in 2021.