About This Webinar
As consumer’s aesthetic preferences and demand for longer lasting products has increased in recent years, the need for manufacturers to improve paint coverage and corrosion resistance of welded and laser cut components has likewise increased. The formation of oxide scale from welding and laser cutting operations creates a barrier for optimal paint adhesion, necessitating its removal prior to paint application. Conventional scale removal methods can be effective but are often unsustainable, can pose severe HES risks and are not cost-effective.

The most economical and efficient method for removing oxide scale is achieved through chemical descaling; however, along with the associated HES risks, traditional strong acid chemistries have high etch rates that result in short bath life and a difficult to manage waste stream. Innovations in near neutral pH descaling chemistries help minimize these risks while offering improved performance.

  • Conventional scale removal methods and associated disadvantages
  • Benefits of near neutral pH scale removal
  • Atotech’s portfolio of descaling products
  • Scale removal performance evaluations
  • Case studies
Brandon Lloyd
Global Product Manager Paint Support Technology
Brandon Lloyd, Global Product Manager Paint Support Technology (PST), has worked at Atotech for more than 10 years. Brandon started his professional career with an internship with Atotech’s PST group while completing his BS in chemistry. After joining Atotech full time with their Electroless Nickel group in R&D and gaining international experience working at Atotech’s headquarters in Berlin, Germany, Brandon re-joined PST and held various product management positions while earning his MBA. In his current role, Brandon oversees Atotech’s global product range and business development activities for its paint pretreatment products, which provide surface cleaning and corrosion protection solutions for automotive, appliance, construction and agricultural equipment, furniture, and architectural aluminum, amongst others.