The electroless nickel process, since its invention in 1946 by Brenner & Riddell, has undergone many changes to improve the operating performance, deposit properties and adaptation to new environmental legislation. However, the basic principle of the autocatalytic deposition of a nickel phosphorus alloy from an aquas electrolyte containing Ni ions has not changed. The formation of by-products which limit the bath age and result in the deterioration of quality remain a challenge and a burden for the electroless nickel plating industry.

Atotech’s advanced R&D department was able to develop the perfect solution to counter the electroless nickel bath aging effect. EDEN® (ElectroDialysis for Electroless Nickel) system is the answer to all concerns related to conventional electroless nickel operation. With the EDEN® technology we combine the process chemistry and equipment to regenerate the electroless nickel bath by selectively removing the by-products and keeping the concentrations of all ingredients within a defined range. This allows constant deposit quality over a potentially unlimited bath life. In addition, customers benefit from reduced chemical consumption and waste generation since the whole process is more environmentally friendly to operate.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to our first webinar on the EDEN® process. Shakeel Akhtar will share with you details of the process operation and benefits during his one hour session covering the following topics:

• Principle & limitation of conventional electroless nickel plating processes
• Evaluation of various methods for electroless nickel bath life extension
• EDEN® - Electrodialysis for electroless nickel
• Process chemistry
• Consistent deposit quality
• Environmental and economic benefits
• Summary
Global Product & Business Development Manager
Shakeel Akhtar, Global Product Manager & Business Development Manager WRC, has worked for Atotech for over 30 years. As a specialist in electroless nickel plating, he has extensive knowledge of surface finishing including functional chrome. At Atotech, Shakeel has held various positions such as R&D Development Chemist, Product Specialist, Global Application Manager, Technology Manager and Product Manager for Wear Resistant Coatings. He has gained extensive international experience serving customers around the world and was based in Singapore for six years. In his current position Shakeel oversees Atotech's global product range and business development opportunities for WRC.