Next-generation advanced packaging applications require ever smaller structures without compromising on reliability. To achieve this, it demands highly sophisticated plating chemicals, which allow fast plating, highest purities, and complete shape control.

In the webinar, we will will discuss upcoming key challenges for semiconductor advanced packaging, explain specifically the plating requirements for copper redistribution layers and copper pillars, as well as demonstrate how our new chemical processes Spherolyte® Cu UF3 and Spherolyte® Cu UF5 will effectively deal with these new demands.
  • Introduction to Atotech Semiconductor portfolio
  • Future needs for ECD copper plating in advanced packaging.
  • Spherolyte Cu UF3 – ECD copper electrolyte for high reliable RDL application.
  • Spherolyte Cu UF5 – high speed copper pillar electrolyte.
  • Q&A session.
Global Product Manager Semiconductor

Has researched surface functionalization of semiconductor materials during his PhD and afterward spent some years in strategic management consulting. In 2021 he joined Atotech Group as Global Product Manager Semiconductor.
Senior Global Application Manager Semiconductor

Joined Atotech Group in 1997 as a process engineer and was leading several application teams in the electronics sector over the time. Since 2012 he oversees the global application work regarding ECD plating activities in the semiconductor area.