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About This Webinar
The hard chrome plating process is a very mature technology. Since its development 90 years ago, it has been used with success in a vast range of industries. Typical uses include highly stressed components in the automotive and heavy machinery industries, in aircraft construction, shipbuilding and engineering.

The high speed, closed loop processing in low process temperatures provides vast advantages like size flexibility and plating of inner surfaces among others. Due to various surface requirements differing in thickness, wear resistance, tribological properties, corrosion resistance and other secondary functional characteristics numerous process operations have been developed. As a leading supplier of hard chrome processes, Atotech has built up a wealth of experience over decades to develop optimal products and best practices for these diverse requirements.

We would like to share this knowledge with you and invite you to our webinar on "Best practice for hard chrome plating".

Thorsten Ross and Shakeel Akhtar will unfold the most successful and economic processes for diverse hard chrome applications.
  • What is hard chrome plating?
  • Why plate hard chrome?
  • Applications requiring hard chrome
  • Equipment requirements for hard chrome plating | Conventional line / automatic Lines / the DynaChrome® concept
  • Anode technology
  • Bath control and analytics
Shakeel Akhtar
Global Product Manager & Business Development Manager WRC
Shakeel Akhtar, Global Product Manager & Business Development Manager WRC, has worked for Atotech for almost 30 years. As a specialist in electroless nickel plating, he has extensive knowledge of surface finishing including functional chrome. At Atotech, Shakeel has held various positions such as R&D Development Chemist, Product Specialist, Global Application Manager, Technology Manager and Product Manager for Wear Resistant Coatings. He has gained extensive international experience serving customers around the world and was based in Singapore for six years. In his current position Shakeel oversees Atotech's global product range and business development opportunities for WRC.
Matthias Schmidt
Business Manager WRC
Matthias Schmidt holds a degree in electroplating and has more than 17 years of experience in the field of electroplating technology. He has broad knowledge of the surface finishing industry and has specialized in the fields of functional chrome and electroless nickel plating. Matthias joined Atotech in 2009 and has worked in various positions within the organization. He served as a Global Application Manager for functional chrome for many years and in this role he provided technical support to the sales team and carried out on-site troubleshooting and customer trainings. In his current position, Matthias is responsible for the functional chrome and electroless nickel business in Germany and Switzerland.