About This Webinar
Atotech provides the technology that enables manufacturers of advanced PCBs and IC packages to manage and control the critical factors during production, such as minimal to non generation of sludge when etching during the oxide replacement process. Today, our industry is more than ever taking active steps towards environmentally curious technologies and therefore process requirements and product developments become more vivid. We pay attention to these needs and have developed the cleanest oxide replacement process the industry has ever seen – BondFilm®HP: A true clean, sludge free oxide replacement solution for advanced HDI PCB production.

Despite a number of new innovative features of the process, it's basic performances for inner-layer bonding remains the same quality as the conventional oxide replacement (COR) system. Among those are: excellent uniformity of surface cosmetic, excellent adhesion and thermal reliability of inner-layer bonding, superior acid resistance serves excellent protection against pink ring and wedge void. During this webinar we will give a brief proposal of sludge formation and prevention in oxide replacement system.

This newly developed oxide replacement process provides great operational benefits, where having the process significantly reduce equipment maintenance and downtime frequency due to sludge free characteristic. It also shows the best approach that shall be adapted in the surface treatment process to meet the high process cleanliness requirements for mSAP production.
  • The evolution of the bonding applications
  • Formation of sludge in oxide replacement processes
  • BondFilm HP – low sludge solution for bonding enhancement
  • Q&A session
Thomas Thomas
Global Product Manager Surface Treatment Technology

Joined Atotech Group in 2014, initially in the role of R&D Scientist. In 2019 Thomas was appointed as Global Product Manager for Surface Treatment Technology product team.

Based in Berlin, Germany.