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Recorded Tue, February 22, 2022 8:58 am (EST)
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    Atlantico Business Development, the independent port promoter and maritime business developer of ARA, back in 2020 took the initiative to promote Brazilian ports and shipping in a series of international webinars: Ship2Brazil. A third edition of Ship2Brazil will take place on February 22nd, 2022, 15.00 hrs (Amsterdam Time which is 11.00 hrs in Brasilia).

    The first editions focused very much on developments in six of Brazil's most important ports, on cabotage, privatization and other opportunities. The third edition of Ship2Brazil will focus on the breakbulk, project cargo market segments, as well as private port development.

    All are huge markets in Brazil and deserve further attention. Ship2Brazil 3 will feature several speakers from Brazil's top ports and companies, as well as one from Europe, sharing their business opportunities and knowledge about the sectors.

    The full line up of speakers will be announced very soon, but will include Pedro Oliveira, New Projects Director at Unimar-Agiênciamentos Marítimos, João Braz, Logistics and Industry Director at the Port of Açu, Paulo Salvador, Executive Director of Grão-Pará Multimodal, Fabiano Rodrigues, Business Director at BBC do Brasil as agents for BBC Chartering and Jean-Luc Helsmoortel, Key-Account Manager Shippers & Forwarders at Port of Antwerp, the latter highlighting the great connections between Brazil and the ARA region.

    This third edition will be sponsored by Unimar-Agiênciamentos Marítimos and Grão-Pará Multimodal, BBC do Brasil as agents for BBC Chartering from Brazil as well as the Port of Antwerp and the Green Award Foundation from Europe.

    For more information about the event, please visit our website:
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