About This Webinar
What is new media art? New media art is an umbrella term used to define artwork that makes use of video, film, digital art, computer art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, internet art, interactive art technologies, and even computer robotics. It spans across practices ranging from conceptual and virtual art to performances and installations.

The emergence of time-based media such as film, video, and digital media as well as computer arts and art on the internet have gained popularity and have grown considerably within the last decade, bringing with it new preservation and exhibition challenges.

New media art has altered standards for traditional art collecting. Media art “with its reproducible forms, changing technologies and mutable contexts” presents ongoing challenges for collectors. For example, ensuring the longevity of an artwork is a highly pressing concern for those collecting media-based installations.

Preserving every single digital component of an installation is essential to ensuring they are able to be displayed in future exhibitions. The presentation of the artwork should respect the artist’s intent and, therefore, any changes in external influences that occur during the period of the exhibition are also reflected.

Current practices and critical dialogue relating to pressing issues surrounding preserving and exhibiting new media art will be uncovered by Anita Zabludowicz, Anne and Michael Spalter, and Sabine Himmelsbach.

The Zabludowicz collection is one of the world’s leading private museums which holds a collection of more than 2,000 works and combines both performative and moving image pieces.

The Anne and Michael Spalter Collection is one of the world's largest private collections of early computer art, comprising over 750 historically important works from the second half of the twentieth century with a focus on plotter drawings, but also other 2D media, sculpture, and 16mm film.

HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel) has been part of the tri-national research project Digital Art Conservation, led by ZKM I Center for Art and Media in Karsruhe, featuring the only net-based project among the ten case studies that have been explored. Net art, also known as net-based artwork, is something artists began exploring in the late 1970s. We refer to net art when describing the art produced during the nineties or what we call “Web 1.0.” that is the period concerned with static web pages and no user interface.
  • 1400-1530 UTC I Panel Discussion I Collecting in the Digital Age: Building a New Media Art Collection and Challenges for Preserving & Exhibiting
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    Sabine Himmelsbach
    Director HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel)
    Basel, Switzerland
  • 1589084983-bb207663483f92cd
    Anita Zabludowicz
    Founder Zabludowicz Collection
    London, UK