About This Webinar
How transparent is the art market? One of the biggest challenges the art market faces is the lack of trust and transparency in the authenticity, provenance, title, and condition of an artwork. This is especially prevalent when tracking an artwork in the market or adding an asset to a collection.

Traditionally, companies and organisations work with independent standards that do not integrate well with one another, causing data silos full of duplicate records, incomplete information, and difficult integration across platforms.

The Art Identification Standard (AIS) is a not-for-profit initiative which was founded to develop a universal framework of industry-wide standards. This framework can be used to uniquely identify artworks and streamline the underlying matter of provenance, enhancing the way artworks are managed.

AIS’ aims to promote the understanding and functionalities of cutting-edge technology applied to the tracing, identification and protection of art. These industry-wide protocols can also help digital integration and collaboration across companies and non-profit initiatives in the sector.

The members of AIS which includes Artory, MoCDA, Arteia, Vastari, and Articheck will come together to discuss how they plan to leverage blockchain technologies to provide greater trust for the art market. By embedding artwork identification into a ledger that cannot be altered, AIS provides a solution for curators, institutions, artists, technology companies and art dealers where a common standard would be helpful and/or necessary.
  • 1400-1530 UTC I Panel Discussion Moderated by Marianne Magnin I A New Force in Identification: How can AIS help Digital Integration and establish Greater Data Trust for the Art Market?
  • 1589791469-506664412e0a2e3d
    Niko Kipouros
    Founder & CEO 4ARTechnologies
    Zug, Switzerland
  • 1587922148-329781656cb717ea
    Marianne Magnin
    UK Managing Director Arteïa
    Chair Art Identification Standard (AIS), London, UK
  • 1587922306-fd09f9a14e3206c9
    Serena Tabacchi
    Founder & Director MoCDA
    London, UK
  • 1587922402-ea59e7422a2172d1
    Annika Erikson
    Founder Articheck
    London, UK
  • 1587922852-a35f4d8734bb1adc
    Bernadine Bröcker Wieder
    Co-Founder & CEO Vastari
    London, UK
  • 1587923103-9e4b73138a408072
    Nanne Dekking
    Founder & CEO Artory
    Chairman of the Board TEFAF, New York, USA