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    Featuring Maureen Haley, Visit Houston; Eric Thompson, Visit Salt Lake; Robert Graff, Bindlestiff Tours - National Parks Adventures; Mo Parikh, Bandwango; Jay Judal, San Diego Zoo

    Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) are typically government funded tourism marketing offices for cities, states and regions and countries. Because they are often funded by lodging bed taxes, there is not a big focus on tours, activities, attractions and experiences.

    Most operators have not leveraged their local, regional and national DMOs as a strong marketing partner.

    It is time for both DMOs and operators to think differently. This session, co-produced by Arival and Connect Travel features an in-depth discussion about best practices and some ideas about thinking differently.

    We are joined by two DMOs who do work closely with operators and two operators who do work closely with DMOs. And also, a tech company that is helping DMOs use eCommerce to sell tours, activities, attractions and experiences. Where most DMOs offer operators listings, using the right technology can turn your DMO into a true sales channel (with very low or zero commissions).

    It's time to think differently about what can be a super important distribution channel, especially as recovery begins and destinations are primed to work with partners to build local tourism and, when ready, destination tourism.
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