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Recent surveys show both that not enough teachers are entering the profession, and that one in three teachers plan to leave in the next five years. The impact of Covid has only worsened this, and it’s time to help those in education from reaching crisis point.

So much of the rhetoric around wellbeing in education today is from the perspective of the metaphorical helicopter: big statements and proclamations around values and ethos - fairness, excellence, stickability, belonging. Whilst these are critical, the all-important culture and ethos of an organisation is made up of the tiny pieces of the mosaic: the sum of the thousands of exchanges, instructions and choices that take place every minute of every day in school.

Reliability, clarity and consistency are frequently underrated qualities in schools. On the surface, they seem a bit… well, dull. And yet arguably, they are at the heart of the vast majority of the factors which contribute to positive wellbeing (or its opposite).

What do you need me to do?
Where can I go for the information I need?
How will I know if I’ve been successful?
Who can help me if I’m struggling?

These are the questions that need clear answers for staff to feel safe and secure enough to be creative, spontaneous and truly let their talents shape lives.

Systems, procedures and policies may not light our internal fire at all times but we neglect our attention to them at our peril. The small things really, really matter. We will explore how, why and suggest the small tweaks that can make a huge and positive difference.

About Dr Emma Kell
Dr Emma Kell has over 25 years’ experience as a teacher and leader in UK secondary schools and is a qualified Performance Coach. Emma speaks regularly on teacher wellbeing, recruitment and retention, and is a TEDx Norwich speaker. She writes for a variety of publications including TES and BBC Teach. Emma has completed a doctorate on teacher well-being and parenting at Middlesex University. Emma is the author of “How To Survive in Teaching” and “A Little Guide For Teachers: Wellbeing and Self-Care.”
Dr Emma Kell
Experienced Teacher, Senior Leader, Researcher and Public Speaker
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