Perfect for: Trust leaders not currently using Arbor MIS

Rolling out a new MIS (Management Information System) across your trust can feel like a daunting task. That’s why we’ve brought together Karen Neville, the Director of Operations at Watergrove Trust, and Nick Doy, the Head of Data Quality at Nicholas Postgate Trust, to discuss their experience of migrating and implementing Arbor across all of their schools.

Get an exclusive insight into how and why Watergrove, a 5 school MAT, and Nicholas Postgate, a 28 school mixed-phased trust, chose Arbor - including what their journey was like after procurement.

Chaired by Arbor’s Head of Professional Services, Emma Sharples, this panel discussion will cover a range of topics, including:

- Helpful tips on how to procure a new system successfully (and in a hassle-free way)
- How to roll out new software in a way that works for all of your schools
- What moving MIS looks like during a pandemic
- What the quick wins were after choosing Arbor, and what these look like 6 months in

There’ll also be plenty of opportunity to ask questions to help with your own trust’s procurement decision.
Thu, Mar 18, 2021 · 11:00 AM London (GMT +0:00)
Karen Neville
Director of Operations Watergrove Trust
I worked in primary and secondary school leadership for 22 years before moving to Watergrove Trust in 2019. The Trust has six schools, 3500 students and 550 staff. The CEO has ambitious plans for growth and is keen to use efficient systems to provide consolidated 'just in time' data for Trustees.
Nick Doy
Head of Data at Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust
In his previous role with the British Army, Nick conducted intelligence analysis at levels from ground patrols in Afghanistan through to international strategic planning at the UK’s NATO headquarters in Gloucester.

After leaving the military, Nick worked with Thames Valley police to trial advanced analytical techniques within the field of child exploitation and safeguarding.
Emma Sharples
Head of Professional Services
Rebecca Yahia
Senior MIS Sales Exec