An Arbor customer-only event - perfect for all roles

Arbor MIS is designed hand-in-hand with you. This series of Feedback Forums connects you directly with our Product team, where you can share your ideas and opinions to help shape and improve our MIS.

This session will be focused on ways we can improve the navigation and layout in Arbor, which both combine to give you the experience you feel every day when using our MIS.

This will be a guided Feedback Forum led by Nataliia Semenenko, Arbor’s Senior Product Manager, and Christie Tulloch, our Product Designer, to get your views on:

- What do you think when you navigate through Arbor on a daily basis?
- Are there some tools you wish were in a different place?
- Are there certain workflows that could be designed to better match the way you work?
- What do you find effective about the way the system is organised?

Spaces are limited so make sure you sign up now to book your place!
Thursday March 18, 2021, starting at 4:00 PM GMT
Arbor Education
Nataliia Semenenko
Senior Product Manager
Christie Tulloch
Product Designer
Tom O'Connor
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