Perfect for: School and Trust leaders not currently using Arbor MIS

Schools are working in totally new ways, but the tools they’re using haven’t changed. For the first time ever, schools are juggling in-person education with remote learning, remote parent engagement, and remote working. Older school software wasn’t designed for this.

Arbor is the only MIS designed to make a measurable difference to the way you’re working - today and in the long term.

Stephen Higgins, Former Teacher and Arbor’s Lead Product Manager, will explain how our product philosophy links to a transformation of the way our schools and trusts work. Stephen will be joined by Daniel Giardiello, Partnership Team Leader, who will demonstrate how you can use Arbor can transform the way you work by deep diving into the MIS.

Stephen and Dan will explain 5 key ways Arbor helps schools improve parental engagement, manage behaviour, report seamlessly and more, all while reducing staff workload. The 5 areas covered in this webinar will be:

- Automation: Set key tasks to run automatically to reduce busywork for staff

- Data Analysis: Say goodbye to manual reporting with our built-in, live dashboards, and automated report scheduling

- Role specific experience: My Homepage gives your staff a personalised view of your students’ key data as soon as you log in and My Classroom will change the way you think about classroom management with our easy, all-in-one tool

- Integrated Communications: See how The Arbor App will free up your Office and Admin staff's time with easy attendance follow ups with bulk SMS and email functionality

- Covid-19 Dashboard: Get your DfE Daily Attendance Form metrics, and follow up with absent students in a matter of clicks
Fri, Mar 19, 2021 · 9:00 AM London (GMT +0:00)
Andrew Mackereth
Senior Partnership Manager
Stephen Higgins
Lead Product Manager
Daniel Giardiello
Partnership Team Leader