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    In conversation with: Anna Hennell James, CEO of Orwell MAT

    Rolling out a new MIS (Management Information System) across your trust can feel like a daunting task - and doing it remotely can make it seem even harder.

    In fact, Anna Hennell James, CEO of Orwell MAT, is here to share why it’s not as challenging as it may seem, especially when you factor in the benefits your new MIS can bring.

    Whether you’re thinking of centralising your systems soon, or you’re only just starting to research what’s out there, this webinar is a great opportunity to hear from a trust who have made the switch recently.

    Anna will discuss how Orwell, a 6 school Primary MAT, chose their cloud MIS, and what their journey was like after procurement - including what it was like migrating during a national lockdown.

    Anna will also explain how she and her central team used a change management process across their schools, and how their journey is going now, a couple of months in.

    She’ll also share helpful tips on how to procure a new system successfully (and in a hassle-free way).

    “Building a Resilient Trust” is brought to you by Arbor Education. Used by over 1,500 schools and 130 MATs, we’re the UK's fastest growing cloud-based Management Information System (MIS) today. Our mission is to transform the way schools work for the better, and we host this webinar series termly to explore different aspects of building a better working life with trust leaders.
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