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    The risk-need-responsivity (RNR) model has been widely regarded as the premier model for guiding assessment and treatment for justice-involved individuals. The RNR model underlies some of the most widely used risk-needs instruments and often drives much of the work across the country.

    As we dig into the RNR models, one of the questions is how do we move people forward when focusing on risk. This is where we see an increasing interest in crime desistance, the process by which justice-involved individuals move out of criminal activity. This strength-based work has gained momentum and is sure to continue to evolve as more research is done in this area.

    This event is designed as an interactive journey to help participants think about the RNR and desistance models and how they impact the lives of staff and individuals in the corrections system. Participants will gain insight into the understanding of RNR and desistance, where there are consistencies across models and where the concepts diverge. Ultimately, this forum will provide a starting point to continue having conversations over the next year as to how we can best improve our practices.
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