About This Webinar
We have heard that some of the new concerns are:

Education of the volunteers (safety procedures – make sure they are well aware of the rules)
Safety screening
Remote/virtual volunteer opportunities
Value of volunteers – potential increase in volunteers

With all these concerns and potential changes, many districts are looking for options for how to still engage their volunteers when in-person opportunities will be limited. In response to these changes, we have developed new features and benefits that will provide flexibility for this new environment. With features such as opportunity creation, you can easily invite volunteers to help with virtual tutoring or virtual craft time. And whether volunteers are remote or in person, we have provided a section were volunteers can review and sign off that they have read and understood the safety precautions your district has put in place.

Studies have shown that one hour of volunteer time brings an added value of $24 an hour! With budget cuts nationwide, volunteers will be a valuable asset during these changing times.

Join us on August 20, 2020, at 1:00 PM EST for a brief webinar to learn more about how a powerful and flexible volunteer management system can assist even in a virtual learning environment!
Kaila Ashley
Tammy Cook
Paul Della-Nebbia
Senior Developer Cloud Applications