Nearly all industries carry some element of legacy environmental liability. You may feel constant pressure from your manager, your CFO, your CEO or even your board of directors to reduce that liability. Every day you must manage financials and schedules; you have a myriad of consultants and vendors approaching you with promises of new gadgets and magic powders that will solve all your problems. You may be constantly involved in complex or adversarial negotiations with regulators and other stakeholders.

In all that day-to-day chaos, very few managers of legacy environmental liability have the time to really focus on a strategy to reduce that liability. You should be closing sites, but you find that most of your time is spent keeping things in compliance or maintaining the status quo. Before you know it, 10 years have gone by and your remediation reserves have not improved.

What is the solution to all the frenzy? Join us as our remediation management experts present “Reducing Your Legacy Environmental Liability: Tips, Tools, and Techniques to Manage the Chaos.” This webinar is specifically designed to assist you in reducing the burden on your balance sheet and bringing order to the chaos. You will learn techniques to focus on the most important steps you can take to close sites and how to communicate those results to your stakeholders.
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