Did you know that thousands of dollars of operational cost savings are hidden away throughout your company’s facilities and operations? By conducting a Collaborative Assessment (or Treasure Hunt Assessment), you can uncover a bounty of buried treasure in the form of resource saving opportunities that yield extremely high returns.

The Treasure Hunt Assessment provides a unique framework of pairing an experienced Facility Optimization expert with a cross-functional site team to identify and quantify efficiency opportunities throughout your site and operations.

Cost savings can be achieved for any facility by employing a systematic process to (1) identify how resources (energy, water, and waste) are used, (2) identify opportunities for savings, and (3) implement changes to realize these savings. The Collaborative Assessment emphasizes teamwork between the facility operation team and optimization experts. By combining site-specific knowledge and industry best practices, the Treasure Hunt exercise has proven to identify and eliminate unnecessary resource waste in all types of facilities.

Join our facility optimization experts, Charlie Quann and Eric Tu, and learn how to find your buried treasure to identify and eliminate inefficiencies throughout your company’s operations. In this session, you will learn:

- How to assemble the right crew for the hunt
- How to identify the best strategy to divide the tasks between the teams
- How to execute an efficient facility walk-through that generates the largest return
- Where to look for the biggest savings opportunities

We hope you find our webinar helpful as you search for potential cost savings at your facility. If we can be of any help on your treasure hunt, please let us know!
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