The deployment of 5G with the use of new modulations, new frequency bands and much more complex antenna systems is raising a great interest for EMF measurements to perfectly determine how much this new technology will affect people health living near base stations.

This webinar focuses on EMF measurements in 5G and legacy technologies as well. It covers how to approach all different methodologies for EMF measurements using Anritsu's handheld Spectrum Analyzers.
Wed, Nov 18, 2020 · 3:00 PM CET
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMF) general concepts.
  • Power Density Flux & Electric field Intensity.
  • Broadband measurements, frequency measurements and code selective measurements.
  • The important role of the mMIMO antena systems will play in the exposure assessment.
  • Overview of new assessment methods like EIRP measurements.
José María Pindado
Field Application Engineer
José María has worked more than 20 years as a telecommunication engineer mainly focusing on radio technologies. He joined Anritsu in 2015 as Field Application Engineer taking care of the RF and Microwave portfolio.