Recorded Fri, September 7, 2018 11:00 am (EDT)
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    Pretoria (GMT 2:00)
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    For those of you who joined in the Global Meditation and Prayer for the Freedom of Lions on Friday 31st August, this is a follow up, where Linda and Wynter update you on the progress of the parliamentary decisions around the lion bone trade and canned hunting issues.
    Together we once more meditate on a positive way forward and lend our prayers in support of the Freedom of all Lions.
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Elena Brnjac
One more photo, I realised that in the post below I posted twice the same photo, first two, number 49 and didn-t post this one.
Elena Brnjac
in the links below photos of the white lions in Belgrade ZOO
Elena Brnjac
Also Maša white lionesse in Belgrade Zoo
Elena Brnjac
Also white lions in Belgrade ZOO in Serbia named Vambo, Sumba, Nadja. And in Belgrade ZOO "Palić" white lions Šumba and Belko.
Elena Brnjac
Hi I'm praying for the lions in Zagreb, Croatia in the citty Zoo named Leo, Ayana, Nyate. In the Texas zoo for the white lion cub named Sango and his mum Adia. And lions in the Napoli Zoo in Italy which are in really bad condition and whose names I could not find online. And I pray for all the lions held in captivity across the Europe in ZOOs and circuses. May they all roam freely.

Elena from Croatia
Eileen Molyneaux
Hello - Eileen here :-)
Please can you add the names of three lionesses and one small male cub who at the moment are in the Ukraine.
Their names are as follows
Nathen (small male cub)

Initially I was involved with Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary trying to raise funds to bring the lionesses back to Emoya in Africa. Unfortunately egos got in the way and both Emoya and myself chose to walk away. Funding disappeared etc..... Just lately I have found out that these lions will now be located at a facility in Port Elizabeth with an organisation that is also in partnership or connected with a cub petting etc. facility. I am heartbroken and am praying it is not what I think it is.
For years I have lived in Port Elizabeth when not working in the UK and go home regularly so I am very aware of the cub petting facility there and have always been very focal if I hear of people wanting to visit there.
So..... after this long rant please add these lionesses and cub to the prayer list as I know their life has been horrendous.
Wynter Worsthorne
Thank you, everyone. All these names will be added to the records. Many Many thanks again,for all of your support.
Janine Opheim
If you have names and photos of Lions please email them to me and I'll forward them on to Linda and Wynter.
Colleen Walsh-Bouman
Hello & Thank You. Last week you did ask that we share any Lion that we know of in captivity: I did want to make sure that I let you know of Lions in captivity that I know of here in Nova Scotia. There is a family at Oaklawn Farm Zoo: Nyay & Obi (he passed last year) had two children: Hunter and one year later Nnenne (born in 2016). Thank You for bringing Freedom & Prayer. I will join in the replay and send deep appreciation and gratitude. With Love, Colleen
Colleen Walsh-Bouman
Hi Colleen
Thanks for your response. Actually, I have forwarded information to Linda on the current status of the Lions at Oaklawn Farm Zoo (as of Sept. 6th.2018)as follows:

Identification of Lions in Captivity
Date: September 6th. 2018
Location: Oaklawn Farm Zoo
Ayelsford, Nova Scotia, Canada

South African Lions Identified:
1. Name: ‘STERK’- name means “strong” in Dutch
Date Of Birth: August 18th 2012
2. Name: ‘OBI’- name means “Heart” (Nigeria)
Date Of Birth: Sept. 27th 2013
3. Name: ‘NYAH’ (Lioness)
Date Of Birth: December 13th 2012
4. Name: ‘HUNTER’- born at the zoo (OBI / Nayah’s cub
Date Of Birth: April 17th 2016
5. Name: ‘NNENNE’( NYAH is mother to HUNTER and NNENNE)
Date Of Birth: October 24th 2016
Obi is still alive. Although his Kidney function is significantly impaired, he is receiving a special diet to ease the burden on his current kidney function and are monitoring his status.
Colleen Walsh-Bouman
Please add this group of Lions in Nova Scotia to your prayers for Freedom,Healing and Protection.
Roars of thanks,blessings and love to all.
Colleen Walsh-Bouman
Yes I did just call them and see that Obi is still alive and is on medication. Yes they have the 5 lions and thank you so much!
Colleen Walsh-Bouman
Jane is that you in Chester?
Kaleel Sakakeeny
This is the tenth or so similar email I received this morning from the group and participants
Not sure what’s going on but can we avoid duplications, please?

Thanks !

Kaleel Sakakeeny
Certified Pet Loss /Grief Counselor
Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
Certifications: Reiki, EFT, Animal Communication
Diana Bernas
Please include the lions at the IBB zoo in Yemen. Thank you
Pat Piggott
Please include Ibus and Kumasi at Chester Zoo and Asha, Kyra and Jelpyr in Dudley Zoo England
Hello.. it’s Gaby here from Spain. I know they have an animal park in Murcia (Andalucia) calked Zoo Terra Natura..that has Lions.. maybe 3-4 not sure. I have found photographs online.. but do not know their names. I could email the photos.

Thank you so much.. we are immensely grateful for this work.. and will do whatever possible to be of help.
Love gaby and rob
No problem Colleen. It was good to commune with the lions in our local area and check on the well being and status of each of them.
Laura Marjorie Miller
I would like to raise up the following lions in captivity: Dinari & Kamaia at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts, USA—they are nine-year-old brothers who were born in captivity in Dallas, Texas, USA. They are beautiful, healthy lions and I would like for us to include them also in this prayer. Warm roars, Laura