We're proud to introduce Anima 4.0,
the first design-to-development platform.

In this event we will show you how to get
React-friendly code from any design element.
Schedule your next coffee break and join us for 30 minutes of awesomeness. We’ll be unveiling all of Anima 4.0’s newest features, a slick new design,
sharing designer & developer reviews, and even handing out a special gift.

Intro video - Anima 4.0 In Motion
Avishay Cohen (CEO) – Taking Anima to the next level
Michal Cohen (CPO) – Meet Anima 4.0
Or Arbel (CTO) – From Developers to Developers
Brandon Groce – Designers using Anima
Ania Kubów– Developers using Anima
Gifts + Goodbyes. xoxo