Thursday, Oct 29 | 2:00 PM (EDT)
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About This Webinar
2020 has been a year filled with challenges, but with challenges often come opportunities for growth. Many interior plantscape and garden retail leaders have been using this unique time to strategize on how to grow their company while staying true to their current practices and also captivating a new customer base.

Through rebranding, the Oakland Green Interiors team has done just that – staying true to their passion for making work and living spaces healthier and happier for current customers while increasing relevancy in order to attract a different kind of customer through their online Curated Plants Program – the Plant Parent.

Join AmericanHort as we uncover the details behind the Oakland Green Interiors transformation. Genevieve Reiner Mills, COO of Oakland Nursery and Director of Oakland Green Interiors will be sharing their journey of rebranding, the development of their Curated Plants Program, and how they are engaging their new customer base. In addition, she will reveal the lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid in order to help other interior plantscapers and garden retailers who are hoping to add the plant parent to their family of customers.

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Genevieve Reiner Mills
COO of Oakland Nurseries & Director for Oakland Green Interiors
Genevieve Reiner Mills is a third generation family member and operator of Oakland Nursery. She is Oakland’s Chief Operating Officer and In-House Counsel, and currently acts as the Director for Oakland Green Interiors. She worked at Oakland through high school and college, where she pursued a history degree from Boston College. She turned her attention to the worlds of art and crime, obtaining a Master’s Degree in Art History and Law Degree from The Ohio State University, after which she spent five years as a county prosecutor in Columbus, OH, prosecuting juvenile and adult criminal cases. She returned to Oakland in 2012 and became Director of Oakland Green Interiors (formerly, Oakland Interiorscapes) in 2017, where to complement her intrinsic interest in plants and good landscape architecture, she has discovered a passion for interior plants and biophilic design.