About This Webinar
This is our Open Circle it is open to all and FREE throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

No matter whether you are a complete Beginner, a Novice looking to sharpen your abilities, or a Seasoned Medium who just wants to mix with like-minded people you are welcome.

Doors open at 7.45pm UK Time for an 8.00pm Start.
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    Kevin Taylor
    Reverend Kevin Taylor CSE , MNFSH is the Founder / Member of Amadeity.

    Kevin has 40 years of experience in the field of Spirituality.

    He has extensive experience in the world of Spiritual Healing, and has trained many healers and Mediums from around the world.

    Kevin has had to overcome his own challenges in life, including Severe Agoraphobia that led to him being house bound for 5 years and having daily panic attacks that were ongoing for almost 10 years. Kevin overcame these challenges with what he calls bounce-a-back-ability, and went on to help many people overcome anxiety and panic attacks, and helped many others to overcome traumatic child hood experiences in his counselling practice.

    An area of expertise that Kevin has that is little known ( due to the sensitivity of the subject) is in the World of Spirit Release, and Negative energy clearance.

    It is an area of his work that he is very proud of and yet talks little about, as it can be a very dark and sometimes disturbing aspect of his work as a medium and healer. Often dealing with paranormal disturbances in peoples homes, and unwelcome spirit influences that can seriously affect sensitive individuals.

    He brings his experiences as a practicing Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer and Counselor to all aspects of Amadeity.