Traditionally, trademark monitoring services have been cost-prohibitive for many brand owners, leaving them without monitoring and vulnerable to infringement, dilution, and other conflicts. Alt Legal Trademark Protection is an affordable, flat-fee solution that offers base-level monitoring of your entire USPTO portfolio. In this webinar, Alt Legal Marketing Specialist and former trademark attorney Saryn Koche will provide an overview of Alt Legal Trademark Protection and explain how it can be used to generate revenue—as well as new business—for your firm. In particular, she’ll discuss:
* What Alt Legal Trademark Protection is and how it fits in the monitoring landscape
* How to incorporate monitoring into your workflow and alert clients of potential infringement
* What to do, including communication templates, when a match is flagged
* How to use Alt Legal Trademark Protection to generate recurring revenue and new business

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Alt Legal will not be providing CLE credit for this webinar.
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    Saryn Koche
    Marketing Specialist at Alt Legal
    Saryn Koche is a Marketing Specialist at Alt Legal, where she enjoys providing solutions and content to make trademark professionals’ lives easier and their practices more efficient. Because she previously practiced as an IP and trademark attorney at several NYC-based law firms, Saryn understands the needs of trademark professionals. She is always excited to share Alt Legal with trademark practitioners because it’s a tool she wished she had when she was in practice.