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In this CLE* webinar, John Miranda, a former USPTO trademark examiner and current attorney at Meister Seelig & Fein, will guide you through the fundamentals of U.S. trademark searches. He'll explain USPTO examiners' search strategies and give advice about how private practitioners can mimic these strategies in order to effectively predict citations under Section 2(d). Topics discussed will include the following:

* TESS: how to effectively use the free-form search option to maximize the number of relevant search results while reducing noise
* Phonetic Equivalents and Truncation: breaking up words into parts and identifying letters that sound similar and others which may convey similar commercial impressions
* Coordinated Classes: an explanation of which classes are related to which and how to use that to find relevant search results
* Design Codes: an introduction to search codes and an explanation of how to mix and match them to find relevant marks

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