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Open-source software is widely utilized to develop new products and enhance existing products, as well as offer an alternative or complement to proprietary offerings by individuals, organizations, and businesses. Often misunderstood as a financial qualifier, "free" and open-source software refers to the freedoms provided to downstream licensees. The rights holder of open-source projects often license the projects to specifically give users the ability to inspect, modify, and enhance the underlying source code. While these projects are seemingly at odds with most intellectual property rights, trademarks are not only a great means of protecting them: in fact, trademarks are often the only protectable asset for open source projects, including viral "copyleft" licenses.

In this webinar, Mitesh Patel of Hopkins & Carley will explore common trademark issues that arise from use of open-source software and explain considerations for working with clients utilizing open source. Topics Mitesh will cover include:
* Reviewing open source licenses for trademark terms,
* Best trademark practices for managing open source software projects and licenses,
* Implications of using protected trademarks of open source projects, and
* How to balance enforcement of trademark rights with open-source community principals.

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