All trademark attorneys receive office actions in response to their trademark applications from time to time. While some office actions just require a simple disclaimer or have an administrative issue that's easily overcome, others sound like a death knell. Whether your office action is administrative or substantive, your response is critical. How you respond can determine whether or not your clients receive trademark protection. Join seasoned Trademark attorney Rachel Brenke as she walks you through what to do when you receive a dreaded office action. Topics will include:

* How to understand and categorize office actions
* Resources for finding sample office action responses
* A simple playbook for responding to common types of office actions
* How to pivot trademark applications to increase chances of registration
* What to do when your response to a final office action is rejected
Rachel V. Brenke
Managing Partner at Eden Law Firm
Rachel Brenke is a strategic business consultant and intellectual property attorney. As a multi-industry expert, she knows the ins and outs of what goes into running a business AND how to legally protect business owners. Not only does Brenke have real world photography entrepreneurship experience, but she combines this with her intellectual property law and business knowledge to provide a one-stop resource to help protect your business. Her resources currently help creative industry professionals all over the world initiate, strategize, and implement strategic business and marketing plans through various media of consulting resources and legal direction.
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