The craft beer business has boomed into a $29 billion market with over 8,000 “craft” breweries in the US. With 250,000 IPAs alone, names and branding have become a massive issue for these small and medium-sized businesses. The disproportionate ratio of TTAB proceedings concerning beer or beverages attests to the scope of the problem. This crisp and refreshing webinar will begin with an overview of the craft beer industry and provide a flight of the issues facing it. Then we will pour over the bitter challenges facing brewers and craft beverage companies and serve up a taste of the common issues you may encounter while working with these clients. Additionally, we will provide some tips on how to develop a high gravity practice in the craft marketplace. Last, but not at all least, we will provide a helpful guide of what beer styles to enjoy during the virtual happy hour. Specifically, we will cover:
* What types of office actions you are most likely to receive
* Which kinds of responses work and which are a waste of time (and client money)
* How to do effective pre-filing clearance for beverages
* How to help your clients develop a brand and name strategy
* How to meet clients in your market

And join us immediately after the webinar for a craft beer-themed virtual happy hour. Sign up here: Seth has provided a list of beer recommendations here:
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    Seth Gardenswartz
    Partner at Blackgarden Law
    Seth Gardenswartz grew up in around entrepreneurs and often describes himself as a marketing and branding guy who went to law school. His specialties include trademarks, brand development, craft beverages, IP licensing, e-commerce, digital media, and general business law. Seth has spoken at the Craft Brewer’s Conference, is a member of the national Brewers Association, several state Brewers Guilds, and at least one Wine Growers Association. With his law partner Candice Owens, Seth co-founded Blackgarden Law. In addition to lawyering, he's co-developer of a tech-flex office building and co-owner of Seth has represented and advised entrepreneurs on branding-related legal issues for over 15 years. When not practicing law, or gathering beverage specimens, he can be found roaming the trails of the mountain west on skis, bikes, or running shoes.