Deborah Hampton is a seasoned and knowledgeable trademark administrator (TMA), is a passionate advocate for TMA rights, is Vice President and Group Officer for the Advocacy Group of INTA, and also serves on the Executive Committee for the Board of Directors. Her strong and powerful voice has made her the first in several fields as well as a role model and mentor for TMAs and others over the years. To help her share her expertise with everyone, she’s generously offered to be interviewed as part of a quarterly series where she answers community questions. Some topics we’ll discuss this time include:
* The pros and cons of being an exempt employee
* Strategies for avoiding Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL)
* Job definitions and title distinctions

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    Trademark Team Lead at The Chemours Company
    Deborah A. Hampton is Senior Trademark & Copyright Program Manager at The Chemours Company FC, LLC., whose brands include Teflon and Freon. She is the global Trademark Team Leader, responsible for managing Chemours' trademark and copyright portfolio focusing on prosecution, registration, strategy, enforcement, and brand protection. Prior to joining Chemours in 2015, Deborah worked on teams during her career that managed global portfolios for brands such as Victoria’s Secret, AT&T, and Elizabeth Arden. She is featured (chapter. 8) in the book “Lessons from The Top Paralegal Experts: The 15 Most Successful Paralegals in America and What You Can Learn from Them” by Carole A. Bruno. Ms. Hampton served two terms on the Trademark Public Advisory Committee of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Since inauguration in 2017 and subsequent years, Deborah has been nominated and selected for World Trademark Review’s WTR300: The World’s Leading Corporate Trademark Professionals. She has also been chosen as one of World Trademark Review’s Global Trademark Thought Leaders for the last four years. Deborah earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Cincinnati. She also received an ABA-Approved Paralegal Certificate from Adelphi University’s now disbanded Paralegal Program. Deborah is currently on the Board of Directors of the International Trademark Association and currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Board. She is also a Vice President and Group Officer of the Resources Group. She also serves as the Association’s Diversity Officer and oversees the DEI Council.
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    Director of Education at Alt Legal
    Bri Van Til is Head of Education and Community at Alt Legal. She authors the popular _I ♡ Trademarks Newsletter_, where she attempts to educate trademark practitioners about IP and legal practice news while cramming in as many puns as possible. Bri also hosts Alt Legal's monthly webinar series, leads the Trademark Administrators' Exchange (TMAE), plans and directs sections of the Alt Legal Trademark Paralegal Course, and plans and hosts Alt Legal's other educational events. Bri is also a co-founder of Brand Action, the trademark community's nonprofit dedicated to helping people in times of crisis.As a former English instructor, Bri puts the commas where they go in Alt Legal and Brand Action's writing. She loves semicolons and em-dashes and is an ardent supporter of the Oxford comma. In addition to Brand Action, Bri volunteers with INTA—where she serves on the Brands and Sustainability Committee—and the ABA—where she helped create their Solutions for IP Legal Professionals course.