Shiny new technologies promise to revolutionize your world and simplify your job. And some might. However, you probably already have access to tools that can create efficiencies. In this webinar, two members of Microsoft's legal team—Tracy Cooke, Paralegal Manager, and Michael Woods, Operations Manager—will guide you through creating effective processes using tools in Microsoft's 365 Office Suite. They'll provide tips and tricks for automating workflows, centralizing information, developing practice guidelines, and streamlining communications. Then they'll dive into how to excel by utilizing metrics to drive better solutions to find efficiencies and optimize your budget. Topics will include:
* Automating regular and bulk tasks to find efficiencies
* Centralizing information through team manuals and efficient ROB practices
* Using outside counsel guidelines to streamline communications and billing
* Organizing emails to optimize workflows
* Developing metrics to save money and time

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    Tracy Cooke
    Paralegal Manager at Microsoft
    Tracy Cooke is a trademark professional with almost two decades of experience in global trademark practices with a passion for branding and operational excellence. Supporting some of the world’s most valuable brands, she excels at overseeing complex workflows and delivering strategic client-focused results. Known for effective communication, presentation, and analytical skills, Tracy navigates the intersection of legal risks and business interests. As a team leader, she collaborates with a diverse network of partners, internally and externally; providing education, advising on trademark policies and practices, developing budgets and operational efficiencies, and staying abreast of industry trends. Tracy lives outside of Seattle, Washington with her partner, middle schooler, and 3 kitties. She’s originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma and has a BBA from Baylor University. Outside of the trademark world, she regularly volunteers at her child’s school, is a champion for mental health and disability awareness, loves video and board games, enjoys hiking and being outdoors, and is a total Star Wars and Disney nerd!
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    Michael Woods
    Operations Program Manager at Microsoft
    Michael Woods is an Operations Program Manager for the Global Trademark team at Microsoft. In his role, he oversees the team’s budget, digital transformation, tools, and resources. Prior to becoming an Operations Program Manager, he worked as a Trademark Paralegal, supporting the Game Studios and Cloud & Enterprise divisions. Outside of work, Michael lives in Seattle with his wife, kids, and dog. His mother-in-law also lives with them when she is not back home in the Philippines. He is an avid hockey fan and has been a loyal supporter of the Vancouver Canucks, his favorite team, since he grew up just outside of Vancouver. He is also actively involved in the hockey community as a coach for his son’s hockey team.