Have you ever been stumped for a person's name? or the name of a restaurant a friend recommended?

We've all been there. And so have your prospects, clients and potential referral partners.

With our busy, fragmented minds, we sometimes struggle to remember why we walked into the kitchen.

So how do you make sure that the perfect prospect you met 8 months ago remembers you today now that he needs your services? And that the referral partner you had lunch with last month remembers you when your ideal prospect is in her office?

Join me for this workshop and I'll show you a simple method to stay top of mind with your prospects and clients....effortlessly.
About this Workshop
In this workshop, I'll lay out the exact system you need to stay top of mind with your prospects and clients.

You will get ALL of the materials you need to implement the system, including email templates.

By registering today, you will have unlimited, continued access to the workshop recordings and materials, including all updates and additions. After registering for the workshop you will be added to the membership site where you can access recordings and materials once the workshop begins.
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    Lori Harris