About This Webinar
The "Lubricant Selection, Performance, and Monitoring Best Practices" Workshop will be delivered by RSC Bio Solutions.
  • Lubricant Selection and Performance
  • The Need For Oil Condition Monitoring
  • Sources and Problems Associated Water Contamination
  • The Impact of Fluid Choice on Water Contamination
  • Best Practices for Preventing System Failures Related to Water Contamination
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    Larry Beaver, Ph.D.
    Vice President of Research & Development, RSC Bio Solutions
    Dr. Larry Beaver is Vice President of Research & Development at RSC Bio Solutions. He oversees R&D and regulatory functions for the EnviroLogic®, and FUTERRA™ products.

    For over 30 years Dr. Beaver has been actively involved in the commercialization of safer consumer and industrial chemical products. His current research efforts focus on VGP-compliant cleaners, gear oils, greases and hydraulic fluids for land and marine applications.

    Dr. Beaver is the principal inventor on more than 14 patents. He is an active member of STLE and NLGI and currently serves on the Industry Advisory Board for the Tribology Minor in the College of Engineering at Auburn University.

    Dr. Beaver was granted a B.A. in Chemistry and Biology at Cedarville University and a Ph.D. in chemistry from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.
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    Annie Otto
    Senior Development Applications Manager, RSC Bio Solutions
    Annie Otto is Senior Development Applications Manager at RSC Bio Solutions. She oversees marine technical support, R&D, regulatory functions, and OEM approvals for EnviroLogic and FUTERRA products.

    For the eight years at RSC Bio Solutions Anne has be actively involved in developing and receiving environmental and equipment approvals for industrial products. Her current efforts are focused on expanding approvals in marine equipment and environmental regulations.

    Annie is an active member of STLE and ASTM.

    Annie was granted a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Cleveland State University.
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    Lisa Owen
    RSC Bio Solutions