About This Webinar
After the update of the iOS 14 operating system, Apple has put on the restriction on iOS devices and it will be harder for Facebook to keep track of your website visitors.

This new Apple/Facebook privacy war has made it harder for entrepreneurs to run effective advertising campaigns on Facebook. Without a good strategy, your advertising budget is going down the drain.

This 30 minutes long webinar will teach you how to build an Evergreen Advertising Strategy that works in any market conditions and helps you get more sales from day one!
  • Introduction
  • What is Evergreen Advertising Strategy
  • Solution 1: Why You Know The Profitability Curve
  • Solution 2: How to Implement Your Advertising Funnel
  • Q & A and Ending
Gideon Leong
Founder of Advergreen Digital
I'm Gideon, and I am a copywriter and digital marketer with Advergreen Digital.
A coffee addict who loves to sing, I was born to wear specs. When not working on the latest marketing campaign or penning copy for content creation, you will find me watching shows online (my favorite is Running Man).