In today's digital age, ad tech companies are constantly bombarded with vast amounts of data from multiple sources. To stay ahead of the competition and deliver results to clients, they need to analyze these massive datasets and complex workloads in real-time to provide actionable insights. However, managing from disparate sources can be a daunting task.

In this webinar, we will explore the benefits of consolidating data analysis tools to provide cost-effective, real-time insights. We will discuss the challenges faced by ad tech companies in managing large datasets and how consolidation can simplify the process. We will also examine the benefits of real-time insights for optimizing ad campaigns, analyzing log-level data, and enhancing client satisfaction.
  • The importance of real-time insights for advertising technology companies
  • The challenges of managing large datasets from multiple sources
  • The benefits of consolidating data analysis tools
  • How to streamline data analysis for faster and more efficient insights
  • The impact of real-time insights on ad campaign optimization
Shantan Kethireddy
VP, Customer Solutions at Ocient
Anudit Vikram
Chief Product Officer at Intentsify
Wil Schobeiri
Chief Technology Officer at Banyan
Hana Yoo
Senior Editor at AdExchanger
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