A few trends led to a significant decrease in forced redirects: iframe sandboxing, more vendor adoption, and better threat sharing, all making the game more difficult and less attractive than it used to be for bad actors. But the malvertising problem isn't solved. Malicious actors are evolving their attacks. Let's dive into how they have successfully pivoted and what publishers can do in 2023 to prevent malvertising on their sites.

Join Confiant's Jerome Dangu, John Murphy, and Eliya Stein for an overview of the latest trends in malvertising and their expert predictions for 2023.

By attending this virtual session, you will learn:

  • What motivates bad actors

  • What is Voldrakus and what does it mean for the future of malvertising

  • Why publishers excelling at brand safety are ahead of the game

Sponsored by:

Jerome Dangu
CTO & Co-Founder, Confiant
As the CTO and Co-Founder of Confiant, Jerome oversees a distributed team of world-class engineers and security researchers. His journey into the world of malvertising started with an Adobe Flash sandbox that detected massive amounts of exploits and other malicious behavior. In 2013, he co-founded Confiant in order to bring anti-malvertising solutions to content providers and advertising platforms. Jerome began his career at Price Waterhouse Coopers in France before moving to the United States to join an Alexa Top 20 photo-sharing platform called Fotolog. In his free time, you might find him struggling at the piano or goofing around with his two daughters.
John Murphy
Chief Strategy Officer, Confiant
John oversees product strategy and strategic initiatives at Confiant, covering areas like roadmap planning, new product development, and market research. He also oversees the Malvertising And Quality Index, Confiant’s bi-annual look into the state of ad quality –and works closely with trade organizations such as IAB and TAG, to educate the industry about the threat of malware and develop solutions that scale to the entire ecosystem. John joined Confiant in 2019 after nearly two decades in digital advertising at OpenX, Yahoo!, and Overture Services.
Eliya Stein
Sr. Security Engineer, Confiant
Eliya's career spans over 15 years of various technology roles in AdTech or AdTech adjacent businesses. At Confiant, he has combined this unique background and a lifelong fascination with hacking and the dark side of the internet in order to bring a unique perspective toward the detection and mitigation of web-based threats, primarily those that target the digital advertising supply chain. When not disrupting malvertisers, Eliya likes to explore the Web3 ecosystem and tinker with creative projects.

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