This event was created to give PhD students a broader view of their career possibilities after their thesis, by means of a dynamic interview with two young Ph.D. alumni from the University of Strasbourg. The interview will be based on their professional story, talking about how they were recruited for their current positions, and how they leveraged their Ph.D. diplomas to get their jobs, among related topics.

The webinar will take 1h30, where the first hour will be dedicated to the interview/presentation and the last 30 minutes will be dedicated to a Q&A session with the attendees. We are very happy to have as guests Dr. Farouk Allouche (maître de conférences in Biotechnology at Université Catholique de Lille), and Dr. Youssef Zaiter (economiste des ressources naturelles at ACTeon Environment).
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    Renata Avena Maia - StrasAIR
    Head of Career and Scientific Comittee - StrasAIR
    Renata is the Head of Career and Scientific Comittee of the StrasAIR association and a postdoc in Materials Chemistry at the University of Strasbourg.

    About StrasAIR: as the Association of International Researchers of Strasbourg, we represent our members in front of the University of Strasbourg, as an association that links international students, PDI members, CDE residents, and other young researchers in Strasbourg, creating a large social network which gives the members a chance to get together and experience social and professional activities.
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    Farouk Allouche
    Assistant Professor in biotechnology, and Academic coordinator of International Relations for Science, Referee person for students with disabilities at the Catholic University of Lille
    Farouk Allouche is a French-Lebanese assistant professor in Biotechnology at the Catholic University of Lille. After graduating in Genetics from the University of Bordeaux, he joined the University of Strasbourg and prepared his PhD in immunology at the IBMC, where he showed a particular interest in international collaborations and exchange. Hence, he created and chaired in 2015 StrasAIR in order to advocate for science and education and enhance more international collaborations, he is also active in several NGOs and international NGOs including Eurodoc that he represented at the Council of Europe and the European Parliament. He is also the president of the Gender Equality task force of the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe and the co-coordinator of the Lifelong learning working group. His interest for international relations led him to coordinate the international master exchange program in immunology at the University of Strasbourg before joining the Catholic University of Lille where he is also in charge of international relations for science at his faculty.
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    Youssef Zaiter
    Natural resources economist at ACTeon Environment
    Youssef Zaiter obtained his PhD in Economics at the Ecole Nationale du Génie de l’Eau et de l’Environnement de Strasbourg in 2020, which focused on optimizing the water quality monitoring networks by maximizing the economic value of information. During his PhD he lectured courses on probability, statistics, data analysis, and introduction to R. Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Management (Holy Spirit University of Kaslik) and a Master’s in environmental economics (Université de Bordeaux), Youssef joined the ACTeon Environment company as a natural resources economist right after his PhD. ACTeon is a French consulting and research company specialised in environmental strategies and policies. The main objective of the team is to foster emerging solutions and innovations aiming at ensuring an effective integration of environmental dimensions in decisions and behaviors.