Learn why some of the world’s leading medical research companies are investing in the development of space-based facilities to study and manufacture improved medicines. What unique advantages does space’s microgravity environment provide that cannot be replicated on Earth? What does a space-based medical research facility look like and how is it managed? This discussion features representatives from space companies that are working with medical research partners to bring innovative healthcare to the world through future space technologies.

60-minute webcast
Jeffrey Hill
Executive Editor, Via Satellite
Rich Boling
Vice President of Business Development, Redwire
Richard Boling is vice president of Redwire. Redwire’s catalog of commercially operated in-space research and manufacturing equipment is now among the most comprehensive in the industry. Its payloads have flown aboard parabolic flight aircraft, sub-orbital rockets, space shuttles, Northrop Grumman Cygnus cargo vehicles, SpaceX Dragon cargo and crew vehicles, and the International Space station. A graduate of Indiana University Southeast, Boling joined the company more than 20 years ago.
Raphael Roettgen
Founder & Partner, E2MC Ventures and Co-Founder, Prometheus Life Technologies
Raphael Roettgen is the founder of E2MC Ventures, a space-focused early-stage venture capital firm. He is also the co-founder of Prometheus Life Technologies, a space biotech startup that was the first startup to win the Orbital Reef innovation challenge.

He lectures on space entrepreneurship and finance at several universities including the International Space University (ISU) and the Swiss Institute of Technology at Lausanne (EPFL), hosts the popular Space Business Podcast, and is the author of “To Infinity”, an introductory book on the space economy.

Previously, Mr. Roettgen held senior roles at global investment banks and hedge funds and was also a fintech entrepreneur in Brazil.

He holds degrees in finance from Wharton, machine learning from PUC-Rio and space studies from the International Space University, where he also serves as a governing member. He is conducting doctoral research on financing space activities at the University of Luxembourg.
Dr. Chintan Patel
CTO, TrialX
Chintan Patel is the CTO & Co-founder of TrialX, a clinical research and space health informatics company developing technologies to connect patients to clinical research. He is a biomedical informatician with over a decade long academic and industry experience in the areas of biomedical ontologies, health vocabularies, data analytics and natural language processing. Previously, he worked at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Labs on an information extraction project that became the infamous Jeopardy winning Artificial Intelligence software “Watson”. He received a Masters in Computer Science from University of Missouri and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics from Columbia University.
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