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Kymeta is ready to help enable and leverage today’s growing capacity and is positioned to lead the opportunity in hybrid satellite-cellular mobility.

Kymeta’s solutions take advantage of the inflection point and recent technological advancements in satellite mobility:
• Mobility Growth. Today, advancements in technology are contributing to the growth of shared and on-demand satellite mobility services.
• Infrastructure Agnostic. With more services, users expect solutions to work wherever they are and whenever they need it, regardless of the infrastructure.
• Services at The Edge. Businesses and consumers are seeing more services than ever on wireless, cloud technology that is brought to the edge, no matter what device is used.
• Space Race. Investors are racing to commercialize space through large investments and spending billions of dollars to make satellite (LEO, GEO, MEO) capacity more available and cost-effective.
• Satellite Democratization. Moving forward, new LEO constellations will offer better look angles and lower latency enabling cellular-like experiences.

In this webinar, Kymeta will explain how their solutions are at the forefront of these technological developments. They believe there will be more disruption within the next 10 years than in the previous 30-40 years. Kymeta offers the only commercially available, low-SWaP (size, weight, and power) ESA ground terminal that can take advantage of these new and emerging technologies for mobility applications.

Kymeta plans to dive into the following topics:

The Mobile Opportunity
• Kymeta will explain this perfect storm of industry developments, and more specifically, their position within it.

The Engineering Behind ESAs
• How the technological innovation within Kymeta solutions is truly ground-breaking and demonstrates a solution that no one has been able to successfully develop before.

ESA Based Terminal Solutions for Mobility
• Only Kymeta has deployed connectivity solutions capable of closing the gaps in service and reliably landing ground cellular and satellite signals on the move, making mobile global.
Tuesday February 9, 2021, starting at 11:00 AM EST
Jeffery Hill
Executive Editor, Via Satellite
Bill Marks
Chief Strategy Officer, Kymeta
Bill, a founder and senior executive in the satellite and cable TV industries for over 25 years, is also an active investor in mobile platform technology and software as a service company. Prior to that, he was the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Maritime Telecommunications Network (MTN), which provides satellite connectivity and content to remote locations around the world. MTN's customer segments include cruise lines, yachts, oil and gas, news agencies, aviation and the government and military. In 2007, Bill won the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his role there.
Earlier in his career, he was involved with DIRECTV by founding a national sales and installation company that helped DIRECTV to become the fastest growing consumer electronic company in the US at that time. Before getting involved with satellite, he held several executive roles in cable TV, including as a multiple system owner and operator.
Lilac Muller
VP of Product Management, Kymeta
Lilac Muller, Ph.D., is the Vice President of Product Management at Kymeta Corporation. She is responsible for product strategy, product definition, and product launch activities. Lilac has extensive product development experience in the consumer electronics, medical devices, and telecommunication industries where she has led cradle-to-grave product development efforts with a focus on performance, quality, and customer experience. As a technical and business leader, she has a track record of delivering technically-challenging products that operate in complex ecosystems. Dr. Muller has a bachelor's and master’s degrees in aeronautics/ astronautics from MIT and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley.
Ryan Stevenson
Chief Scientist, Kymeta
Ryan Stevenson, Ph.D. is a founding member of the Kymeta organization, and has worked on the development of Kymeta mTenna technology since 2011. With his work at Intellectual Ventures, he helped spin out and create Kymeta with Dr. Nathan Kundtz (President & CEO, Kymeta). He brought an extensive background in RF/microwave engineering, photonics, and semiconductor manufacturing to his role at Kymeta. Ryan leads engineering, R&D, and Intellectual Property for Kymeta.
Prior to joining Kymeta, Ryan held leadership roles in research science and system analytics in the government, public sector, and aerospace markets. It was in these markets that Ryan honed his skills in managing cross-functional initiatives that brought together engineering, hardware, software, and mechanical disciplines to deliver reliable, innovative systems architectures. His early career successes in integrated photonics, antennas, and communications system modeling set the stage for today’s efforts at Kymeta.
Ryan holds a B.S. in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.
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