Communication technologies alongside our digital world are experiencing an unprecedented revolution, as expected in the Space 4.0 roadmap. 5G/6G are going to be the dominant telecommunication, which means new concepts such as Virtualization, digitization, SDN, IoT and Smart cities are growing on top of the new communication infrastructures.

This new world is full of threats for costly and complicated satellite links, but also full of opportunities. On the satellite side, VHTS, GEO, and New high-throughput LEO satellite systems are being introduced. But how can the new satellite systems can take its part in the big picture of Networking and Telecommunication unified systems?
Considering the level of complexity within LEO satellite systems such as Handover, Make-before-break, phased array antennas, jitter mitigation and so on…, the satellite modem is already costly, but there might be a way to get better use of it to justify the price as well.

Perhaps it’s time to remove the fine line between satellite and non-satellite metro ethernet network. How? Tune in to discover the answer to this question, as well as learn about the introduction of WaveSwitch Universal CPE (uCPE), and MEF3.0 compliancy.
  • New Satellite opportunities/threats in 5G/6G and Industry4.0 era
  • What was the Legacy WaveSwitch and How it evolve
  • What is the Universal CPE and its relation with: Virtual Machin, NFV, SDN, MEC, Smart Cities
  • How to be MEF 3.0 compliant and why it is needed at all
  • What is the roll of WaveSwitch as a game changer,
  • And finally, possible target markets
Via Satellite
Amir Kashanizadeh
Systems Engineering Manager - SpaceBridge Inc.
Mr. Amir Kashanizadeh has been spending past 20 years at the edge of high-tech, working as the system designer, architect and project manager in Satellite communication, Telecommunication and Networking arenas.

Amir Joined SpaceBridge (formerly known as Advantech Wireless) in 2009, and since then he has conquered several summits such as:

o Designing new ground segment (Hub and VSAT) for new VHTS and LEO systems,
o Designing and leading the development of the first HTS baseband system in Canada, which was selected by Scientific Innovation Funding program of Canada,
o Inventing Aware winning WaveSwitchTM , a mechanism to best utilize satellite resources with various waveforms by using Machine Learning and AI,
o Inventing Hybrid LEO-5G System platform for Smart Cities,
o Designing GEO-LEO Satellite Modem with MEC capability,

Almost all of the projects have been approved by Canadian Space Agency (CSA) within different governmental programs.

Jeffery Hill
Executive Editor, Via Satellite
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