The core of a SATCOM-based NCW Network Solution is based on voice, video and data communications subsystems that are networked over a combination of terrestrial and satellite-based platforms.

LEO Networks are adding critical features as low latency, greater bandwidth as well as coverage where GEO satellites are not present.
Point to Point communication without going via third party teleports are also extremely valuable for secure data links. LEO Dynamic Traffic Management will meet the Virtual Teleport development on the ground segment in a perfect symbiosis, and new opportunities will be created.

Join Advantech Wireless Technologies and Telesat to learn more about how LEO Space Segment Design will drive the Ground Teleport Segment architecture in the years to come. Both have interesting challenges and significant market appeal, while acting as true technological disruptors
  • What is the impact on Ground Teleport Design as viewed from the LEO Dynamic Spectrum Allocation as well as Virtual Teleport Design Concept?
  • Are there applications that could benefit more from LEO constellations, and can we complement GEO services with them?
  • Are we going from Bandwidth on Demand, more into Power on Demand at Teleport level?
  • What are the advantages of leveraging innovations in the commercial space industry during periods of changes such as Administration changes?
  • For Government use of LEO constellations and the impact on Ground Teleport Design, what are some of the considerations?
James J. Shaw, CDR (Ret.) USN
Director Government Solutions, Telesat U.S. Services, LLC
James “J.J” Shaw, CDR (Ret.) U.S. Navy, is currently the Director, Government Solutions, Telesat U.S. Services. He retired as Branch Head of Satellite and Tactical Communications, OPNAV N6, in 2004, after bringing commercial C-band (CNO Special Project “Challenge Athena”) and Inmarsat L-band leases to the Fleet. He subsequently worked for Inmarsat Government Solutions; O3b Networks; and joined Telesat U.S. Services in 2019 to help stand-up the Government Solutions Team.
Cristi Damian
VP Business Development, Advantech Wireless Technologies
Mr. Damian holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and initially held roles as a hardware engineer at various high-tech companies.

He joined Advantech Wireless in 1995 and has held executive positions including in Operations, Manufacturing, Sales, and Engineering .

His expertise is centered on Solid State RF technology for Space Applications, and complex integrated networks design.
Jeffrey Hill
Executive Editor, Via Satellite
Via Satellite
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