Demand has risen for data via satellite thanks to new and growing commercial services such as UAVs, direct to device, ISR and IoT. Satellites and spectrum are expensive, meaning SNOs might struggle to meet this new demand without vast investment. However, there are cheaper solutions that provide opportunities to significantly increase the capacity of existing networks. In this webinar Lewis Davies will discuss how SNOs can get the most out of what they have by using the right technology. He will cover:

• How to carve up the allocated spectrum to satellite beams and individual terminals more flexibly. This flexibility, with suitable scheduling, allows more to be squeezed into the same space.
• How technology from the cellular industry can be directly used and adapted by SNOs, and what differences you need to be aware of when applying it to satellite networks.
• Route to establishing business plans for SNOs with possible ROI from increased capacity.
• How to identify the value of different types of increased capacity to operators.

30-minute webinar
Jeffrey Hill
Executive Editor, Via Satellite
Lewis Davies
Satellite and Space System Architect, TTP plc
Lewis has over 30 years’ experience in the wireless technology industry working as a development engineer, system architect, innovator, and business developer across the commercial and government, satellite and space sectors.

In his career, Lewis has conceived and led the development of multiple L-band antenna and terminal technologies and products. These have incorporated single chip RF transceivers, phased array antenna technology, complex signal processing and protocol stacks.

Lewis was instrumental in delivering Inmarsat’s BGAN Core Radio Module utilised in a wide range of L band terminal products. Subsequently, Lewis led the rapid development and aeronautical qualification of an S-band terminal for the EAN network with STC gained within 15 months of project kick-off. These terminals now provide passenger connectivity on hundreds of A320 aircraft across Europe. Moving on, Lewis devised the miniaturised terminal concept, forming the basis of TTP’s Gotonomi terminals enabling BVLOS flights for UAVs. Recently Lewis has been pushing the boundaries on the data rates that can be supplied from small form factor terminals with limited RF bandwidth for crewed and uncrewed air, land and sea platforms for government customers and moving into space with the development of TTP’s first satellite payload.
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