• About
    In this six part series, managed services industry veterans, MSPs who have completed successful transactions in the last 12 months, and financial planning experts will share with you the things you'll need to consider when you're considering exiting from your IT business.

    In part one, we'll discuss liquidity, equity, investment strategies for small business owners and some of the ways you can structure an advantageous exit for yourself - regardless of the size of your business.

    Join us for one or all of the events, with a final event live in November 2022, connecting potential buyers and sellers who wish to meet and network.
  • Agenda
    • Liquidity events - what you can you do with your equity?
    • Types of sales structure and the pros and cons of each.
    • Planning in advance: tax strategy for small business owners.
    • Can I have more than one exit?
    • Creative exit structure: there is a buyer for every seller.