Recorded Tue, October 5, 2021 3:59 pm (EDT)
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    Many states offer workforce readiness programming that will cover the cost of on-the-job training for your new hires. Get 12 to 20 weeks of your new hire's salary covered with no obligation to retain unsuitable employees.

    Our US call center hired outbound lead generators through Silver State, a Nevada workforce readiness initiative. Our process allowed us to have new team members contributing to revenue generation within two weeks, while the state covered training for twelve.

    12 weeks is plenty of time to decide if your new hire will be a great culture fit or not!

    Join us for a webinar where we review how we created a culture that allowed people to adapt and thrive in a new role.

    Agents that started in our workforce readiness on the job training in 2019 are now managing channel-focused sales development teams, running their own call centers, and collecting six figure salaries working in sales for both MSPs and vendors.

    All this from agents that cost us nothing to hire and train.

    Instead of fighting over entry level talent who don't want to work, join us for an hour long webinar that shows you how to support entry level employees to become high performing outbound agents.
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    • Building Process for High Performance
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