How do you attract and retain global creators? With new technologies offering unprecedented reach to anyone with a passion, the creator industry is now well over $100 billion in size. From educators to medical providers, gamers and personalities, these creators are partnering with digital platforms and marketplaces to grow their reach, engagement and satisfaction, and improve monetization in an increasingly complex global economy.

On the back end, they need a top-tier partner experience that gets them up and running quickly, lets them interact seamlessly with their audience, eliminates any tech-based friction, and enables them to take advantage of innovations like blockchain. Things like uptime, top-notch security, payment speed and accuracy -- whether it's cryptocurrency or cash, no matter where they are in the world -- are important not only for partner satisfaction, but the growth of any platform owner.

In this VB On-Demand event, you'll learn about what creators are looking for in a partner, how to make sure they're paid fast and easily, create a best-in-class experience, and more.

  • What creators want from the platforms they partner with
  • Why payment speed and accuracy are foundational to partner satisfaction
  • How to eliminate the pain of fraud and chargebacks
  • How blockchain is changing the creator economy and partner relationships
Michael S. Chang
Bestselling Author; Founder and CEO, VGCD GAMEPLAN Academy
Michael S. Chang is the author of Amazon bestseller “Video Game Careers Demystified” and USA Today and WSJ bestseller “Experts Cure: How Entrepreneurs Are Changing the World. He is passionate about teaching teens to:

*SELF-ASSESS (for strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and interests);

**ACQUIRE BLEEDING-EDGE SKILLS (Design, Storytelling, Marketing, and Pitching) from blockbuster video games; and

***BECOME INNOVATORS & DIFFERENCE MAKERS (as Leaders & Entrepreneurs in Gaming, Technology, Healthcare, and more.)

Learn to leverage analytics and tools to ensure regulatory compliance, optimal financial planning & management, and agility and competitive advantage in the rapidly changing game, game tech, and eSports industries.
Martin Caplan
Head of Blockchain Games Vertical, Amber
With 25 years in the game industry and time served in theme parks, internet, and film. Before that, Martin Caplan has done some pretty fun stuff. Currently, he is Head of Blockchain Games Vertical at Amber, running multiple studios to explore the exciting new metaverse of decentralized games. Previously he led a Words With Friends team at Zynga to make delightful games for millions of fans.
Paco Suro
GM, Global Partner Payments, Tipalti (Moderator)
Paco is a financial services veteran. From commercial banking, asset management, financial technology, social media, and commerce, Paco has built his career across various intersections. Before Tipalti, he held various leadership roles for Shopify, Twitter, Barclays, and E*TRADE Bank. He delivers fintech and payments expertise as he continues to trailblaze the path of innovation in our sector.
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