Now is the time for companies to decide the role they will play in the metaverse – if they want to be part of the wave, or merely watch how it plays out. It’s not a simple decision.

There’s no clearly defined end-state to this transformation. It will evolve continuously and iteratively through the visions of those leading the charge. But behind any uncertainty, there is tremendous opportunity up for grabs and best practices for activating properly.

The last time the internet went through a shift of this magnitude, companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Google went from being e-bookstores, renting DVDs by mail, and a searchable internet index to becoming nearly synonymous with the internet itself.

The chance to be a driving force behind the reimagination of our digital lives, to be a leader in redefining how data shapes people and enterprises alike, or to play a part in merging those two visions together is the opportunity sitting in front of business leaders today.

The table is set for the dominant players of every industry to emerge in the metaverse.

Will it be you?
  • Identifying opportunities in the metaverse: distinguishing the hype from reality
  • Best practices and missteps to avoid
  • How to approach your brand’s metaverse strategy
  • How the metaverse economy will be accelerated
  • And more!
Sébastien Borget
Co-founder & COO, The Sandbox
Sébastien Borget is the Co-founder and COO of The Sandbox decentralized Metaverse, a virtual world where players can create, play, own, govern and monetize their experiences using NFTs & SAND, the main utility token of the platform. Sebastien also became the President of the Blockchain Game Alliance in 2020, a non-profit organization of 400 key members of the industry. He was recently named #4 in the Top #100 2022 most influential people in crypto by CoinTelegraph https://cointelegraph.com/top-people-in-crypto-and-blockchain/sebastien-borget. The Sandbox has been featured in TIME100 Top 100 most influential companies of 2022 by Times magazine https://time.com/collection/time100-companies-2022/6159401/the-sandbox/
Samuel Huber
Founder & CEO, LandVault
Sam Huber is the CEO of Landvault, the largest real estate company in the metaverse, which has raised $37m from top VCs. With a team of 120 architects, designers and developers, Landvault has built over 200 metaverse experiences for the worlds’ largest brands. Before this, Sam founded Admix, a gaming company pioneering product placement technology in games, which he rebranded to Landvault in 2022 following a pivot into web3. Early Bitcoin investor since 2013, Sam was also one of the first land owners in the metaverse from as early as 2017. He was featured in CNN documentary Decoded, and regularly covered in Fast Company, Venture Beat, TechCrunch, Financial Times and Nasdaq.
Victor Dey
Tech Editor, VentureBeat (moderator)
Victor is a Tech Editor/Writer at VentureBeat and covers artificial intelligence, data science, and cybersecurity for the enterprise. A Master's in data science and a keen learner of new developments, Victor is committed to growing the data science and tech community.
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