Wealthtech, using sophisticated fintech to support wealth management, is disrupting the financial management industry. But to stay competitive, wealthtech startups need to rethink how they engage their users with personalized data focused on investment holdings and performance information. It’s also critical for them to stay on top of trends as the technology evolves and client needs and expectations grow.

Don't miss this VB Spotlight event for a deep dive into the top five trends in wealthtech for 2023. You'll learn why high-quality, use case-specific data is crucial to power wealthtech solutions and apps. You'll discover how the tight integration of aggregated data and best-in-class market data can accelerate innovation, and why turnkey portfolio analytics data is crucial to stay ahead. Plus you'll learn why operational efficiencies and ubiquitous data across the workflow are essential. You’ll also get a look at how automated insights, open banking and the investment data ecosystem are all impacting the industry, and more.

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  • Top 5 trends in wealth tech for 2023
  • Why high-quality use case specific data is required to power these solutions and apps
  • How tight integration of aggregated data and best-in-class market data accelerates innovation
  • And more!
Reed Colley
CEO and Co-founder, Summit Wealth
Reed Colley is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Summit Wealth Systems. Summit Wealth; software for Advisors- formalized in 2019. Summit leverages cloud native- technologies to enable Wealth Managers to deliver a personal, more human experience to their clients. Summit is the first wealth platform designed from inception to empower Wealth Managers to proactively deliver Abundance to their clients. Reed brings over 15 years of experience in the technology industry. Reed was the Founder and CEO of Black Diamond Performance Reporting, a Wealth Management Tool, which was sold to Advent Software in 2011. Reed was the original architect of the Black Diamond platform, which was the first daily, cloud based performance reporting application. Reed holds a Bachelor of Science from Vanderbilt University with degrees in Economics and Engineering Science. Reed is a family man at heart and lives with his wife and four children in San Francisco. As an adoptive and multi-racial family, he and his family are deeply committed to eliminating the wealth gap and seeking racial equity in their community. Together they enjoy being in the outdoors and traveling.
Don McHenry
Senior Product Manager, Morningstar ByAllAccounts
Don McHenry, is a Senior Product Manager for Morningstar ByAllAccounts. He helps lead the product strategy and execution for the ByAllAccounts Data Aggregation product, with a focus on the aggregation application and data.

McHenry joined the ByAllAccounts organization in 2012, prior to the 2014 acquisition by Morningstar, and has held various roles in Implementation, Professional Services, and Product. Prior to that he held roles in portfolio accounting and performance reporting for investment consulting firms. McHenry enjoys collaborating with advisors, wealth-tech platforms, and cross-functional teams at Morningstar, and helping them leverage account aggregation to empower success for investors, advisors, and the platforms that support them.
Greg Miles
Moderator, VentureBeat
Greg Miles is an award-winning financial news journalist with more than three decades of experience at America’s leading media organizations. He’s been a news editor at Investopedia, a front page news editor at Bloomberg News, an on-air correspondent and major interviewer at Bloomberg Television, an on-air correspondent at CNBC, and a bureau chief and correspondent at BusinessWeek. He also has written for several daily newspapers, including freelance articles for the Christian Science Monitor about the fall of Communism in Hungary in the early 1990s.
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